The richest man in the world is angry! The digital epidemic of the US epidemic has been deceived all over the world!

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publisher: henry
Time: 2020-05-06
Summary: The digital epidemic of the US epidemic has been deceived all over the world!

         As of 14:48 this afternoon, the total number of diagnoses in the world was 3.56 million, an increase of more than 30,000 compared with yesterday, of which more than 20,000 were new data from the United States. This has happened many times.

        The epidemic in the United States has always been terrible. In just over a month, it has broken through the million mark, and in just one week it has risen from just over one million to the current 1.21 million people. As an American entrepreneur, Bill Gates has done a lot of work in this US epidemic prevention, including donating money and materials, and proposing a stricter and more reasonable family order.

        But it seems that the American people are not paying for this, because their current desire is to return to work as soon as possible, rather than continue to be trapped in their homes by family orders. Many people in the United States do not have the concept of saving money. Most of the houses and cars are bought with advance consumer loans. Nowadays, they can not repay the loans after a long time of non-work. If the time is long, the car and the house may be taken away by the bank.

        It can be seen from this that the epidemic in the United States is indeed very serious. However, this is only the official US data to show you. Bill Gates said in an interview that the US data is now falsified. Because most of the people who are tested are rich and the poor do not have enough money to be tested, the data is not completely accurate, and many patients are not detected.

       Moreover, Bill Gates also suggested that some local officials would conceal the number of infections, which also caused the overall data to be lower than the actual data.

       For this reason, Bill Geiss was very angry and called for the establishment of a more complete testing system as soon as possible. But such a beloved businessman is regarded by the American people as a thorn in the eyes. In the eyes of many Americans, the more detected, the more infection data, then the longer the date of contact with the family order, the longer you are Time cannot go out to work to make money. So many people began to ask the government to "grab away" Bill Gates, and even more excessively demanded "copying the house" to distribute Bill Gates' family property to the American people to ease their urgent needs.

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