Injecting disinfectant to kill new crown virus? Trump's remarks caused a stir

Injecting disinfectant to kill new crown virus? Trump's remarks caused a stir


Injecting disinfectant to kill new crown virus? Trump's remarks caused a stir

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, April 24  (International Observation) Injecting disinfectant to kill New Coronavirus? Trump's remarks caused a stir

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Ding Xianlai

  US President Trump made a statement about the "injection disinfectant" killing the virus at the New Crown Epidemic Situational Briefing held in the White House on the 23rd, causing media hype. Trump and the White House subsequently clarified this statement on the 24th, but they still cannot stop the rising public opinion storm.

  The origin of the storm

  At the White House outbreak briefing on the 23rd, the acting director of the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Council William Bryan announced the latest research results on the new coronavirus, including sunlight and high temperature help to suppress the new coronavirus; Kill the new coronavirus in saliva or respiratory mucus within minutes; isopropyl alcohol can even kill the new coronavirus in about 30 seconds.

  Trump immediately suggested further research in this area and said: "Assume that we illuminate the human body with strong light or ultraviolet light ... Suppose that the light is brought into the human body and can be tested through the skin or other means." He also said: "Disinfectants can eliminate the new coronavirus within 1 minute ... Is there a way we can do similar things, by injection or thorough cleaning ... It will be interesting to test."

  In addition, Trump also asked if Deborah Burkes, the coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Response Working Group present, had heard of such treatments, and said that such treatments deserve attention.

  The above remarks were immediately heated by the American media. CNN, Bloomberg, and The New York Times all accused the president of his remarks as "dangerous" and "ridiculous."

  Hurry up and make up

  Faced with media accusations, Trump responded the next day. He was asked about this when he signed a document in the Oval Office of the White House, saying that his previous day's speech was only "a question to the reporter ironically."

  White House Press Secretary Kelly McNerney also said in a statement on the 24th: "The President has repeatedly stated that the American people should consult a doctor on the treatment of the new crown virus." She also criticized the media for "irresponsibly breaking out of context, using negative Headlines to report on the president. "

  In addition, US media Axios quoted sources as saying that Trump is considering reducing his appearance at the White House outbreak briefing. It is reported that some White House consultants believe that the overexposure of the president may be counterproductive. "Many elderly people are terribly worried about the epidemic and do not want to see the president and the media fighting."

  A number of American media noted that at the White House epidemic briefing on the 24th, Trump did not answer any reporter questions for the first time.

  Public opinion

  Trump's "disinfectant" speech has not only been criticized by the media, but also triggered public opinion from other parties. Democrats and experts called on the public on the 24th to listen to the opinions of professionals, and many manufacturers also warned the public to use disinfectants correctly.

  The Speaker of the US House of Representatives and Democrat Pelosi said at a press conference that the American people must ignore "lie", and in order to protect themselves and their loved ones, they must listen to scientists and other professionals.

  In an interview with the media, Scott Gottlieb, the former director of the US Food and Drug Administration, said that people should not take or inject disinfectants for any treatment. Of course, this does not treat the symptoms caused by the new coronavirus. "If used, it may lead to undesirable results such as death."

  Lawrence Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University in the United States, warned on social media that ignoring science can kill people. He said that now is in the spread of historical epidemics, we must use science as a guide. "Unfortunately, American public health experts are increasingly being left aside."

  The well-known disinfectant manufacturer Lijie Group issued a statement saying that its products should not be used in humans under any circumstances, whether by injection, consumption or any other means. "Our disinfectants and cleaning products should be used according to the instructions, please read the labels and safety information."

  There are also doctors complaining that Trump's remarks have begun to affect the anti-epidemic work. Craig Spencer, an emergency doctor at a New York City hospital, said on social media that doctors now have to start explaining why people should not drink disinfectant or isopropyl alcohol, "these times could have been used to discuss how to do in the future Better respond to the epidemic. "