What Trump did not want to admit, the governor of New York told the truth: most of these come from China

What Trump did not want to admit, the governor of New York told the truth: most of these come from China


What Trump did not want to admit, the governor of New York told the truth: most of these come from China

           The United States is now the country with the worst new crown epidemic in the world, but Trump's response to this is indeed very speechless. If it were not for his remarks that despised the new corona virus, but for the active procurement of materials and anti-epidemic measures, the situation in the United States would definitely not be as serious as it is now. Many Americans have lost their jobs because of corporate shutdowns, so they are very anxious to resume work. However, the number of newly diagnosed people in the United States is still high every day, and the resumption of work will only lead to the further spread of the epidemic. However, Trump previously announced that he will decide the time for resumption of work, and clamored that "the president has full rights." This unwise speech was bombarded by the media, and the trust of the states in the US federal government has declined. 

                New York Governor Como dismissed Trump ’s near-authoritarian remarks. He pulled up several small states on the east coast and started a small coalition. He shared information about the new coronavirus and agreed to fight the disease The policy of resuming work completely throws the federal government aside. The angry Trump jumped and said that Como wanted to split the United States for independence. But no matter what, Como did quite well in the response to the new crown epidemic, at least much stronger than Trump, so now his approval rate in New York has reached 80%, and it is now the absolute news focus. In the latest press conference held in Como, Trump did not want to admit things, but the governor of New York said the truth: most of these are from China.

                 At a press conference held on the 17th of Como, he told the media about the current situation in New York State, the arrangements for medical supplies, and future plans. At the same time, he emphasized the hope that the federal government can help New York in testing materials and financial subsidies. He said that most of the medical materials needed in the United States now come from China, but New York State alone cannot get enough materials from China, so the federal government needs to coordinate.

          In fact, the biggest problem for the United States is not the epidemic, but the anxiety caused by residents losing their jobs. When there was no work stoppage in the United States before, the morning subway rush hour in New York was still overcrowded. In an interview, these people said that they may die of new coronary pneumonia, but if they do not work, they will definitely starve to death. Because the savings rate of Americans is very low, it is really not good for the poor if they lose their jobs. Como also pointed out at this press conference that although the epidemic in New York is still in a very serious stage, the resumption of work plan must also be planned early.

          Como said that if you want to resume work, then the relevant detection is essential. Although there are a large number of testing institutions in New York, they are faced with no reagents available. During the outbreak of the US epidemic, most of the raw materials for the testing reagents came from China. In addition, Como said that not only the raw materials for the detection reagents, but also the masks, protective clothing, and ventilator are all from China. Interestingly, Trump himself also watched this press conference in front of TV. He angrily said on Twitter that the federal government provided a large amount of medical supplies and medical assistance to New York, hoping that Como would understand these.

​         But Como immediately slapped his face, thanking the federal government for sending New York's urgently needed supplies from China, and also said that New York is still in urgent need of a ventilator. Trump has previously stated that the United States has now started the production of medical supplies. The current medical supplies are already very adequate, and also said that if Russia needs, the United States can assist a part of the ventilator. At that time, many people expressed doubts about Trump's remarks, but Como's words made Trump very ugly. Some people expressed doubts about whether the so-called American ventilator production line was still shipped from China. But no matter what, the current epidemic situation in the United States is already very serious, whether medical materials are imported from China or made by the United States itself. If Trump does not resolve these things and rushes back to work, the United States epidemic situation The situation will definitely be more severe.