How to prevent the resumption of Chinese catering

From: Self-editing
publisher: henry
Time: 2020-04-21
Summary: How does China do these tasks? let us understand.

     Where to eat, there are always many people.In this environment, the virus can easily spread.Therefore, the resumption of the catering industry is facing severe challenges.Before resuming work, all you need to do is to fully disinfect the store.All staff must have a temperature test and be properly protected.The country has launched a health code, through which you can understand whether the customer is healthy.Every customer entering the store must wear a mask and perform a temperature test.People at the same table also need to maintain a certain distance when dining.When not eating, wear a mask.Today, masks have become a necessity of life.Walking on the street, you will find that everyone is wearing a mask.Masks give people a sense of security and put society on the right track.