4.18 million Americans were tested for new coronavirus

4.18 million Americans were tested for new coronavirus


4.18 million Americans were tested for new coronavirus

Trump: 4.18 million Americans were tested for new coronavirus 

          Since the outbreak of the United States, President Trump ’s briefing on the epidemic in the White House has become an important source of information for the public, but he has been repeatedly complained about. Recently, CNN produced a video of "Trump's response to the evolution of the new crown epidemic", recalling that from the discovery of the first confirmed case in the United States to April 16, between Ramp's changing rhetoric about the epidemic.
        Earlier, the "New York Times" reported in the "White House Epidemic Briefing, a Contradictory Trump" that at the daily outbreak briefing, the president often contradicted himself, but never confessed this. He often announces confusing signals that other politicians, health officials and people can only interpret on their own.

The report said that in recent months, his assessment of the severity of the epidemic has been changing. At first, he likened New Coronary Pneumonia to a general flu that would "miraclely" disappear. Later, he called it "the worst job that this country may face" and declared "war" to the epidemic. He then planned to allow the whole country to resume work before Easter, and later withdrew this conclusion, saying that "difficult days" are coming.

According to the British "Guardian" report, US President Trump at the White House routine epidemic briefing on the 19th showed that 4.18 million Americans have been tested for the new coronavirus.

The number of tests exceeds the sum of all of the following countries: France, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden and Canada, "Trump said at a press conference.

Not only that, Trump also bragged at the press conference that the United States has "a huge detection ability", the United States is the "king of ventilator", "we have a lot of ventilator."

The report also stated that Trump also indicated that they and the Democratic Party have "closed to an agreement" on the latest bailout bill for small businesses and workers. The bill may be voted tomorrow as soon as possible.

According to real-time statistical data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 5:38 on April 20, Beijing time, the United States has reported 755,533 cases of new coronary pneumonia